Decor & Party Specialist

Job Description

As a Decor and Party Specialist at Circles Conference, your creative prowess will shape the visual allure of both our main event and an exclusive after-party experience. Your role encompasses crafting, coordinating, and executing captivating decorations for the conference while spearheading the planning of an exceptional after-party finely tuned to the local DFW Metroplex scene. Your familiarity with the area will be instrumental in venue selection, in-kind sponsor acquisition, and thematic decor conceptualization.


  • Conference Decor Coordination: Design and oversee the decor setup for the main conference, infusing event spaces with an ambiance resonating with the local DFW themes.
  • After-Party Planning: Lead the planning and execution of a distinctive after-party experience tailored to the DFW Metroplex, including venue selection, vendor management, and thematic decor ideation.
  • In-Kind Sponsor Acquisition: Cultivate relationships and secure in-kind sponsorships from local DFW businesses for the after-party, leveraging your understanding of the local market.
  • Vendor and Location Management: Collaborate with local vendors, negotiate contracts, and manage logistical aspects for both conference and after-party decor setups within the DFW Metroplex.
  • Creative Conceptualization: Develop innovative themes and decor concepts infused with the unique essence of the DFW Metroplex for a memorable conference and after-party experience.


  • Local Event Planning Experience: Demonstrated success in event decoration and planning within the DFW Metroplex, showcasing an intimate understanding of local preferences and trends.
  • Creativity and Detail Orientation: Proven ability to conceive unique themes, meticulous attention to detail in decor arrangements, and a knack for aligning with the local aesthetic.
  • Vendor and Sponsor Relations: Proficiency in fostering strong relationships with local vendors and securing sponsorships from DFW-based businesses.
  • Project Management Skills: Excellent organizational and project management abilities to ensure flawless execution of events within the DFW Metroplex.


  • Free pass to Circles Conference.
  • Free access to video sessions post-conference, allowing you to enjoy content at your convenience.
  • Provided meals: Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the conference to stay energized throughout the day.
  • Networking Opportunities: Interact and network with renowned speakers and industry professionals, offering a chance to engage with like-minded creatives and expand your professional connections.
  • In recognition of your contribution, you will be showcased in our ‘Team’ section on the website, providing exposure and honor for your valued role in shaping the Circles Conference.

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