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What is Circles Conference?

Circles Conference is a three-day creative design conference by Circles Co., bringing together designers and makers from around the globe. Learning from transformative thinkers and connecting with like-minded innovators, Circles provides a space where you’ll be challenged to push yourself in the creative process while drawing inspiration from those thriving in the industry.

During this conference, you’ll be empowered with resources and action-driven knowledge to help you pursue excellence in your craft. At the end of the experience, you’ll leave with a fresh spark of passion filled to the brim with revolutionary ideas and a community of Circle Makers ready to take on the world with you.

Attending Circles is a good idea because:

I will acquire insights and best practices that are pertinent to my job.

Circles events feature a diverse group of speakers, ranging from well-known designers to local talents. Each year Circles selects speakers based on a global theme, and previous events have featured renowned figures like Aaron Draplin, Allen Peters, Jessica Hische, Don Clark, and Ben Jenkins, among others. These speakers share their personal stories and professional insights, imparting valuable knowledge to the audience. After attending the event, I will feel motivated and inspired to apply these lessons to my own work.

I will make meaningful connections.

Each session of the conference is preceded and followed by networking time, which provides an excellent chance to connect with professionals from diverse industries who are eager to exchange knowledge and ideas. Attending the conference and representing our company there will enable me to promote our work and forge valuable relationships that could benefit us in the long run. Circles caters to a wide range of creative individuals, including CEOs, students, startup founders, and independent freelancers. Previous attendees have leveraged this platform to establish partnerships, meet potential clients, discover new talent, and form collaborations with like-minded peers.

I can use the new insights I gained from the conference to create engaging online content that represents our organization.

It’s typical to witness attendees using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram during our events, regardless of the location. By actively posting on social media while at the event, we can become part of a community of forward-thinking individuals and innovators. I can share valuable insights and memorable quotes from the speakers, and participate in the event’s hashtag to amplify our company’s presence online. Engaging in these conversations on social media allows us to increase our reach and engage with the growing Circles community across the globe.

Upon returning, I will share the knowledge and best practices I gained with my team.

The Circles community comprises skilled individuals who are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise and collaborating with others. Following an invigorating talk and mingling with like-minded peers in an enthusiastic atmosphere, I will return to our workplace, brimming with novel ideas and noteworthy information to share with my colleagues. When employees are motivated to share knowledge, it uplifts morale and can be infectious, fostering a more pleasant work environment.

I would love to attend Circles!

Attending Circles Conference would be a fantastic opportunity for me to gain insights, network, and connect with talented professionals from various industries worldwide. The event promises to be an invigorating experience that could inspire me to elevate my work and broaden my skills.