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Introducing Our Payment Plan Program!

We’re thrilled to offer you a convenient Payment Plan that makes registering for our event easier than ever. Discover how you can secure your spot while spreading your payments over time.

About Our Payment Plan

Our Payment Plan is designed with your financial flexibility in mind. We understand that budgeting for conferences can be challenging, so we’ve created a solution that allows you to attend Circles Conference without the burden of paying the full registration fee upfront.

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How does it work?

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Our Payment Plan breaks down the registration cost into four easy payments, allowing you to manage your expenses more effectively. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:


Sign Up

Sign up below and make the first of four payments.



Once you make your initial payment, you will be directed to register for the conference.


Make Payments

Make your payment every two weeks or pay in full.

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Fill out the form below by making your first payment and we will email you a link where you can register for Circles.

Final payment must be made by August 31st.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone participate in the Payment Plan?

Absolutely! Our Payment Plan is available to all attendees who want to register for Circles Conference. It’s designed to provide flexibility and make attending the conference more accessible.

Why is the price of the Payment Plan higher than the standard ticket price?

The price for our Payment Plan is $660, which is slightly higher than our standard ticket price. This price adjustment is made to account for the convenience and flexibility of paying for your ticket in four easy, manageable installments of $165. It’s our way of making it easier for you to join us at Circles Conference without the need for a large upfront payment, ensuring that more attendees can access this valuable experience.

Is there an additional fee for using the Payment Plan?

No, there are no additional fees associated with our Payment Plan. You’ll only need to pay the registration fee divided into four equal installments according to the plan’s schedule.

Can I still register for the conference if I miss a payment?

To ensure your registration is confirmed, it’s important to make all four payments according to the specified schedule. If you miss a payment, your registration may be subject to an extra charge of $165.

Can I cancel my registration if I've already made some payments through the Payment Plan?

Yes, you can cancel your registration; however, please note that our cancellation policy will apply. Any payments made towards the registration fee may be subject to refund policies and potential cancellation fees.

Will I receive a confirmation after each payment?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email for each payment made through the Payment Plan. These emails will serve as receipts and help you keep track of your progress in completing the payment plan.

Are there any specific dates or deadlines for each payment?

Yes, the dates and deadlines for each payment will be outlined during the registration process. It’s important to adhere to these dates to secure your spot at the conference.

When is the final payment due?

Final payment must be made by August 31 of the conference year.