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Circles Design Conference

About Circles

Circles Conference is a three-day experience for you, the creative. The conference brings designers and makers from across the globe together for the dual purpose of learning from world-changing thinkers and connecting with one another. The conference creates a space where you will be challenged to push yourself in the creative process, inspired by others who are thriving in the creative industry, and empowered with resources and practical tips to help you pursue excellence.

REGISTER for 2017 $197 OFFER ENDSSEPTEMBER 30 AshHuang Amy & JenniferHood TaraVictoria BradWeaver register at circlesconference.com/2017 20 17 SPeakers include TOGA themed AFTER PARTY

Push limits of our creative

The Team

The Team

It’s our honor to come along side creatives from all over the world for the sixth year in a row. Fact of the matter is, we could not pull Circles Conference off without our amazing group of volunteers. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please email us at volunteer@circlesco.com.

Ismael Burciaga

Founder & The Creative Visionary

Kyle Russelburg

The Swiss Army Knife

April Guzik

Head of Experiences

Agatha Tutia

Volunteer Director

Luke Asper

The Socialite

Mackenzie Packham

The Photographer


Volunteer Coordinator


Party Coordinator

Daniel Lashea

Sponsorship Coordinator


The Swag Specialist


The DP


Circles Friend

Why Come?